Tickmark Audit Software delivers all the benefits of a risk-minimising, well organised, efficient, and paperless audit system. Thanks to ISA-compliant working papers your firm will easily maintain compliance with all the auditing standards and requirements, while your data and files will be more secure and accessible thanks to cloud technology and Amazon Web Services.

Product features


  • All documents related to a particular engagement (including attachments and external references) are organised in one controlled area.
  • Easy control of audit work with intuitive, user notifications (e.g. instruction notes, project status).
  • ISA-compliant working papers including assessment and internal control evaluation.


  • Reduction of audit risk through standardisation and unification of audit methodology.
  • Decreased document processing, reviewing and archiving time.
  • Cross references – easy linking between audit work.
  • Clear chain/layout of team’s responsibilities.


  • Suitable for both large and small teams due to easy management of access permissions.
  • Easy management of team members’ roles and authorisation levels.
  • If needed audit work can be customised for each client.



  • Software works even when you are offline and once you have internet access you can synchronise your work with a couple of clicks.



  • Cloud technology – real-time visibility of the process regardless of the users’ whereabouts.
  • No additional contracts to sign.



  • Includes Web Module for phones and tablets
  • Allows you to access and monitor the teams work from your mobile devices



  • Production of lead schedules for balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • Preliminary and final analytical reviews.
  • Materiality calculation.



  • Bank level security - 256-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for all transactions.
  • Complete daily backups.
  • Built on the industry-leading Amazon Web Services platform which is completely compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



  • Email and phone support.
  • Training.
  • Remote desktop support.



  • Easy tracking using progress reports - percentage of completion by projects or by team members.
  • Various project statistical information.


How it works?

Stories from our users



Where does Tickmark Audit Software store project data?

Tickmark Audit Software stores project data on Amazon web servers. Cloud security at AWS is their highest priority. AWS customers will benefit from a data centere and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations.

What is the level of data transfer security?

Data transfer from the local machine to cloud server is secured by SSL certificate – banking level security (100 % encryption).

How often does Tickmark Audit Software run backups? 

Complete backups of all data synchronised with the server are performed daily.

How can I install Tickmark Audit Software?

After filling out our sign-up form, each Tickmark Audit Software user will receive an email with a link for application retrieval and installation. Upon link activation, the web page will open up in your default web browser.

Do I need Internet connection for Tickmark Audit Software login?

Tickmark Audit Software client application can be used irrespective of your internet connection status. If there is a healthy connection, i.e. in an online context, local data can be synchronised and updated with  the central repository on the remote server in the cloud. On the contrary, if internet access is unavailable, our application still allows storing data in offline context. Once Internet access is available, both local and remote changes can be synced again.

Does each user have their unique login data?

Yes, initial passwords will be provided for each individual user, but it is highly recommended that users change their passwords the first time they login (through the application interface).

What does a single Project include?

In the Tickmark Audit Software, a single project represents the complete documentation that originates from the respective audit engagement. Usual project groups are “Planning tasks”, “Audit evidence”, and “Financial statements and Audit completion”; however, you can also create your own group names. 

Can I add different access rights for a single team member?

You can add team members who will work on single projects, and also add different access rights for each user with just one click on "Manage Access". Access rights include Read, Write, Grant Access, Can Review, or Can Lock.

Can I create a new project from an existing project template?

Yes, you can use existing project templates to create a new project with the predefined content.

Can I add attachments into a project step?

Yes. It is often the case that electronic documents given by the client need to be included as audit evidence to the documentation. This data can be in different formats and cannot be copied directly into the application (e.g. PDF document). That's why we have created the possibility of adding such documents as attachments.

Is it possible to link a project step with an external document?

Yes. In the process of auditing, there still are hard copies that we can preserve as audit evidence or part of the documentation. In order to link these documents with our electronic documentation, you will find a category named "External references", which you can use for this purpose.

What does data synchronisation mean?

Synchronisation is very important as your work is sent to the server and allows others to see it, and hence, work on it. This also allows you to see the work of other team members and use it in your audit.

Can I sync just a part or all of a project?

Our application enables you to synchronize the whole project or just part of the project as a step or a group of steps.

What are Instruction Notes?

Instructions notes are tool used for communication among project team members. This is a place where you can write your notes related to the project. This note will be addressed to anyone working on the job, and will be visible to all members of the audit team. The Note will remain open until the status is resolved, as a reminder (we all know how it is easy to forget to document something when working on audit projects!). Upon completion of the audit, all instruction notes will be deleted.

What is project status?

The project status aligns the audit process with the International Audit standards and the standards of risk management. The project status could be "In progress", "Completed", "Reviewed", "Edited after review", and "Locked".

What happens if I decide to stop using Tickmark Audit Software?

Should you decide to stop working with Tickmark Audit Software, all your data and files will be stored to your local computer. However, you will not have the option of synchronising your data, collaborating with your team members, or having your data backed up on Cloud.