Tickmark is a specialized audit management software which helps audit team members manage a wide range of audit-related activities in a single framework. The main aim of this tool is to ease the audit work, support project team members with tailored audit procedures, plans, checklists, review procedures, archiving rules and other activities relevant to the audit process, in accordance with the ISA. Tickmark offers an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI which - together with the built-in text editor and other handy features - offers a great user experience.

Tickmark – cloud-based audit software is developed by expert auditors in collaboration with skilled IT consultants.

Tickmark Team

Our team consists of a dedicated group of IT experts, software development specialists, auditors & consultants who have worked in various multinational companies, where they performed highly specialized tasks and management tasks in IT, finance and accounting, banking, controlling and internal auditing.



Lumbrela ltd, email: info@tickmark-software.com